Mark Dee


Mark “Dee” DesLaurier has had a close connection to guitars most of his life.  As a youngster growing up in New York, his adoptive parents encouraged his strong love of American music and he carried it with him as he travelled the world as part of the United States Air Force.  While stationed in New Mexico during the 1990's, Mark seized the opportunity to form his first professional band, PHAT KAT, and also played in the edgy, blues-based cover band GOOD GRIEF.

When the Air Force reassigned Mark and his family to Utah in 1998, he immediately joined THE GROOM LAKE PROJECT, quickly building a loyal fan base in the Northern Utah area.  After GLP disbanded to pursue other projects, he joined his first country band, CALAMITY JANE, helping them take 1st place in the Country Colgate Challenge.

Even when busy attending classes, serving his country, and being a devoted husband and father, Mark has always carved out time for making music.  His passion for rock and blues inspired him to form another band, EASY STREET and, after completing his successful military career, to earn his Bachelor of Music Degree from Utah State University in 2012.  Mark now enjoys making his living performing solo acoustic gigs at popular venues across Utah and Idaho, privately teaching adventurous guitar riffs to students of all ages, and songwriting.  To find out where he is performing next, check out his website at    



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